Quentin was born in Idabel, Oklahoma into a musically gifted family with roots deeply steeped in ministry. As a child his musical gifts were cultivated and nurtured.  At an early age he was trained and prepared to minister the gospel through music. By the age of twelve he had mastered four instruments; drums, piano, bass guitar and lead guitar. At the age of 16, he had begun to travel and sing with his Father, William Cooper and the Heavenly Five Gospel Singers.

Quin10 has built on the foundations of his early introduction to the Gospel to create a brand of music that reaches beyond the confines of the church walls, directly into the heart and souls of many who may never be drawn by the standard Sunday morning service.  Supported on the foundation of the word of God, Quint10 renders a unique sound that incorporates roots of southern gospel with lyrics bore out of his personal relationship with God, fused with music that is simultaneously current and innovative. Driven to inspire a generation whose life experiences or daily struggles may not be fully ministered to by the status quo of gospel music, Quin10’s passion is to utilize music to meld the full truth of our human experiences with the message of the Gospel. He strives to change the hearts and lives of his listeners by acknowledging the verity of our human frailties, proclivities and weaknesses; while introducing each listener the love, grace, salvation and redemption of God.

Quin10 has been equipped with the gift of music, entrusted with an authentic anointing to carry and deliver God's word. Unabashedly experienced in real life issues and a testimony himself of God’s redemptive grace, Quin10 is duly qualified to minister within the hallowed walls to encourage believers and to evangelize outside of those same walls to a world of unbelievers.  His heart’s desire and ministry purpose is to present the truth of God’s love, the power of his deliverance and the abundance of his grace in an artistic form that is palpable to all, so that the message of the Gospel may reach outlets, forums and souls that are need the message of the Gospel.